• - The rates shown on the website apply only to residences.
  • - Every Floorplanner concerns 1 residence.
  • - A Floorplanner has no more than 5 storeys.
  • - To add optional layouts of the floor plans is not included in the service of the homedrawingservice. A small additional fee will be charged.
  • - For each required floor in the Floorplanner upload one file, preferably a JPG or PNG file.
  • - Kitchen and bathroom layouts are included in the Floorplanner if drawn in the supplied plan, or added as a textual note.
  • - In a 'basic' Floorplanner (without options), all walls in the Floorplanner have the same height.
  • - If an Floorplanner is ordered as '3D modelled', oblique caps, split-levels and height of windows and doors are included in the Floorplanner. Distributions of the window, even with doors, is not included in our service.
  • - Up to 1 month after ordering the changes are free. After a month a small fee will be charged.
  • - Pour changer le Floorplanner après approbation sur la base de nouvelles informations, un supplément sera facturé.
  • - The service of the homedrawingservice is limited to the technical possibilities of Floorplanner.

Do you want a Floorplanner outside these conditions? Please contact us for a quote.


  • - The standard floor height is 2.80 meters or 9 feet unless otherwise indicated.
  • - The Floorplanner plans are drawn as they are delivered, unless otherwise stated. The floors above are given the same orientation as the ground if this is not the same oriented.
  • - Exterior walls and house separating walls are drawn with a thickness of 25cm or 10 inches.
  • - Inside walls are drawn with a thickness of 10cm or 4 inches.
  • - Only spaces that count towards the Usable Area are drawn in the Floorplanner. For example, spaces below the +1.50 line are not drawn.
  • - The rotation of the doors is made as shown in the supplied drawing. If this is not specified, it will be drawn as a door with a dash in the middle.
  • - Dimension lines will be drawn outside the plan. On each side of the plan up to 1 dimension will be drawn. If multiple dimension lines are drawn in the supplied drawing, one dimension line per side will be drawn in the Floorplanner, with the most relevant internal dimensions.

Do you want the Floorplanner different from our standard drawing method? Please contact us for a quote.

Where you can think of before uploading the floor plans:
  • Please only submit plans. photos, sections and facades will not be considered.
  • Are all required internal dimensions indicated?
  • Are all windows and doors (with doorswing) indicated?
  • Is the kitchen and bathroom layout indicated?
  • Are the desired room names indicated & readable?
  • Is the plan provided in the desired orientation?
  • Are the submitted plans entirely up to date? If not, please indicate the changes in the explications.
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