1 Floorplanner: € 25.00 - ex VAT
You receive the FML file, a link to the Floorplanner and images of all floor plans. Up to 5 floors, 1 same price each house. A basic Floorplanner has a color distribution by type of space: living room, circulation space, 'wet rooms', outdoor spaces and storages. A maximum of one row of inside dimensions will come on each side of the floor plan, depending on the quantity of supplied dimensions. 3D is automatically included in the Floorplanner, but it does not always give a correct representation. You can place your order via this link and pay directly with iDEAL or Paypal.

Option Furnish: + € 7.50 ex VAT
In all accommodation areas furniture will be placed. Floors in the Floorplanner get a texture in stead of a color. If the layout is shown in the supplied drawings, it will be included. If the supplied drawings doesn't indicated any furniture, our drawer will create a layout. This option applies to all floors in the Floorplanner.

Option 3D modelling: + € 7.50 ex VAT
This option particularly applies when split level floors, sloping roofs or specific heights of the windows should be visible in the 3D-viewer of the Floorplanner. The 3D-Floorplanner will be adjusted so that a correct representation emerges and it will look as much as possible in accordance with reality, depending on the supplied drawings and limitation of the Floorplanner software. This option applies to all floors in the Floorplanner.

Option site plan: + € 5.00 ex VAT
In the Floorplanner, an additional site plan is created showing the entire plot. This site plan shows the size of the plot in relation to the house. It also shows where the external storages and carports are located. The drawing is provided with a north arrow that indicates roughly the north.

Unicolor option: +€2.50 ex VAT
Receiving the plans in a uniform color, that's possible with this option. You can choose a black and white floor plan, or a plan with the color of your house style. Enter your desired color with a hex code (eg ffffff for white). Or you can choose a color using the color picker, the square behind the color code. If you only know the RGB color code, you can convert it with a color calculator like this one. See an example with your chosen color by clicking on example behind the color picker.

Quantity discount
When purchasing a credit you can get a substantial discount on the Floorplanners. You will receive a mail with a credit-code, which can be used in combination with your email-address when ordering the Floorplanners. You will no longer have to pay at each Floorplanner. Obviously, the more you order, the more discount you get. You can buy your credit via this link and pay with iDeal or Paypal.


Pay in advance

Actual value

Price / Floorplanner *


10 Floorplanners

€ 225,-

€ 250,-

€ 22.50 instead of € 25, -


25 Floorplanners

€ 500,-

€ 625,-

€ 20,- instead of € 25, -


50 Floorplanners

€ 875, -

€ 1.250, -

€ 17.50 instead of € 25, -


100 Floorplanners

€ 1.500, -

€ 2,500, -

€ 15, - instead of € 25, -


above prices are excluding VAT. Our prices only apply if the request falls within our terms. The discount expires on refund.
* Price per Floorplanner does not include the additional options.

Where you can think of before uploading the floor plans:
  • Please only submit plans. photos, sections and facades will not be considered.
  • Are all required internal dimensions indicated?
  • Are all windows and doors (with doorswing) indicated?
  • Is the kitchen and bathroom layout indicated?
  • Are the desired room names indicated & readable?
  • Is the plan provided in the desired orientation?
  • Are the submitted plans entirely up to date? If not, please indicate the changes in the explications.
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